sangxanta (sangxanta) wrote,

I did not go to the zoo today. It was very sad. Migraines are very unfun.

I am nearly caught up in my work for the first time in my life. Hopefully I won't have to do a paper for missing the zoo trip. That would be rather secondary school.

I will have enough money next year! I've been having weekly nightmares about bouncing checks or not being able to pay my bills and things like that. Some of them are publically embarrassing. My particular unfavorite is when I can't pay for my food in a restaurant and the waitor yells at me and makes me bus all the tables dressed up so everyone knows.

My brother stayed with my last week. My parents picked him up yesterday. I miss him. My parents don't like him to stay with me. They took me out to dinner yesterday and it was very awkward. It's just unpleasant not being able to tell your parents important details in your life.
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