sangxanta (sangxanta) wrote,

I just wanted to add this, emphasizing the Bush/Ashcroft.

"the company used that monopoly as a means of preventing other companies from selling its competitors' products (most notably Netscape's Internet browser whose share it reduced from 80% plus to nearly nothing88); that it was illegal for Microsoft to bundle its own browser into the operating system Windows 98 as a means of precluding customers from purchasing Netscape's product; that the company sought to divide markets with competitors; that Microsoft sought to subvert the Java programming language, developed by Sun Microsystems, which it viewed as a threat to Windows; and, finally, that Microsoft's business practices were detrimental to consumers89."

"On April 3 2000, Federal District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ruled that Microsoft violated the law with “predacious” anticompetitive behavior, and the stock market knocked $80 billion off the company’s value. Gates himself reportedly lost $12 billion to $14 billion that day90. Despite this, the newly appointed Bush/Ashcroft Department of Justice declined to apply punishment or effective remedy. Microsoft is thus free to use similar methods to remove more products from the market91. Indeed, Microsoft executives have freely admitted the settlement they negotiated with the Bush/Ashcroft administration hands them greater power than they had before the trial began - not surprising since they wrote it and Bush/Ashcroft just retyped and signed it92"
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